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Allergy/Safety Information

Allergy/Safety Information 


We want you to have the best shopping experience with us, that is why we are telling you several things you need to know about our product. 

1) Please, always read carefully the bouquet ingredients (they are available at every product page). Make sure you or your receiver do not have any allergies to that fruits/vegetables/flowers. 

2) All Delicious Blossom bouquets are made from fresh fruits and vegetables with no added preservatives. We also do not use toppings or any kind of fruit/vegetable waxing. 

3) Our fruits and vegetables MAY HAVE COME in contact with nuts at the place of purchase. 

3) Please enjoy the bouquet as soon as possible or for longer lasting keep it refrigerated. 

4) Our bouquets are made with bamboo skewers, which have sharp points. Be careful removing fruits and vegetables from skewers. Make sure there is no part of the skewers left inside of the fruit/vegetable. For safety, keep skewers away from small children.